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Friday, March 9, 2012

A new start.

I initially started this blog a while back to replace one that never really got off the ground and wasn't really going in the direction I wanted. A couple of the posts found their way here and then real life got in the way and this one was pretty much abandoned too. I'm hoping to blog a bit more regularly from now on.

This blog will cover a wide range of topics. I live outside my home country so I have my finger in a lot of different pies, so to speak. You're every bit as likely to read an article about things going on in South East Asia, the States or the Middle East as you are about happenings in the UK. One post might be about a parenting issue, another an educational one, another a political one, and, well you get the picture. My interests are eclectic and this blog will also be eclectic. Please feel free to comment on what you read. I love spirited discussion and as adults I'd like us to be able to share our opinions, however, abuse either towards me or other commentators won't be tolerated and I'll simply remove your comments.

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